Walk of Witness

PHOTO - Silsoe Walk of WitnessOn the morning of Good Friday, 14 April, a group of over 40 people, adults and children, gathered at the Millennium Green for a short service of prayer led by Rev Dave Bell. Following the service the group, carrying a roughly hewn cross, walked from the Green to the Church. The responsibility for carrying the cross was shared between the children present.


PHOTO - Objects associated with crucifixion Objects associated with crucifixion

At the Church, Rev Bell led a brief service which focussed on individual objects associated with Jesus’ crucifixion. As a short gospel passage was read, by children or adults, describing each object, it was then brought forward and laid upon a table in the chancel. The objects included silver coins cockerel purple robe ring of thorns wooden cross nails & a sponge.

This was a moving reminder of the stark reality and brutality of crucifixion.

Following a brief refection by Rev Bell on the significance of the crucifixion the congregation enjoyed refreshments including some excellent hot cross buns.