The Silsoe Greetings Card Project – closing date 31 August

The Silsoe Greetings Card Project

Over the last couple of years there have been some fantastic photos of our beautiful village posted on Facebook.  Here at Silsoe PCC we would like to create a pack of blank greetings cards featuring scenes from Silsoe to help raise funds for the upkeep of our Church and Churchyard.

If you’ve got a photo featuring somewhere in Silsoe that you are happy for us to use, please send a copy of it to by 31 August.

During September we’ll select the images to be used to create packs of greetings cards, which will then be available to buy. If your photo is selected, your name and the title of your photo will be printed on the back of the card and you will receive a complimentary pack of the cards. 

In the Autumn, all the photos submitted will be on display in the Church as part of the Photography Competition & Exhibition on 8 & 9 October. 

When you submit your photo, please provide the following information:

  • Your name (as you would like it to appear on the back of the card)
  • The title of your photo
  • When it was taken (it doesn’t have to be a ‘new’ photo)
  • The age of the photographer (if under 18)
  • Confirmation that the photo is your own work (or of the child if you are submitting on their behalf)

There are some things to bear in mind:

  1. We welcome submissions in full colour, black & white or a mixture of the two.
  2. Your image must have some connection to Silsoe but please note  we won’t be able to use photos where Wrest Park House and/or Gardens are the main feature.  This is because English Heritage will not give permission unless we pay a commercial licence fee of nearly £200. (But if you’ve got a great shot of Wrest Park you could always enter it in our Photo Competition later this year)
  3. Please do not add any watermarks or signatures to your image.  
  4. If your image is selected to appear on a card:
       – we will need a high resolution version of it for the printers.
       – we reserve the right to resize or crop the image appropriately to fit to the card.
  5. The photographer (or their parent or guardian on their behalf if under 18) retains the copyright of the image but, by submitting it to the Project, authorises (without fee or royalty) the use of the image in the Silsoe Greetings Card Project, the public display of the image in an exhibition organised by Silsoe PCC (either in print or digitally projected format) and the use of it  in Silsoe PCC  publicity and/or newsletters and/or future fund-raising initiatives.