Ways to Support Silsoe Church

You can help support our Church by giving of your:



We have a very small rota of people who keep the Church clean and the brasses polished. If you can spare just an hour a week to help with the cleaning we would be very grateful.

As part of our mission of “welcome” we offer refreshments after every service. Again, this depends on a small rota of people.

If you could help with refreshments or cleaning please contact Martyn Gates on 01525 861553 or martyngates.a@gmail.com

Thank you


Rachel Barnes and the Messy Church Team like to offer children and their families cakes during Messy Church. If you are a baker, maybe you could bake a cake for the next Messy Church. Please contact Rachel at r.m.jenkins.02@cantab.net if you can help.


If you put money into the Plate at a service, please consider using a Gift Aid envelope if you are able to complete a Gift Aid Declaration as this will enable our Treasurer to claim a further 25% of the your donation from the Government. One-off Gift Aid envelopes are available in each pew, but please consider completing a Gift Aid Declaration form, which will cover all future gifts from you. We can also supply you with a box of envelopes which use a Gift Aid ID number to save you having to complete the Gift Aid declaration each time you use an envelope – you just write your ID number on.  We are happy to provide you with a box of envelopes, even if you do not come to Church every week.

If you wish to make regular donations to the Church, please complete a standing order form or set up a standing order via online banking. Details of the PCC’s bank account can be found on the standing order form.

To download either of these forms, please click on the appropriate button below:

The standing order form has the Church’s bank account number and sort code on it, which you could use if you wish to set up something through your personal online banking facility. 

We have also set up a facility allowing you to make a donation online using a debit or credit card.  Please click on the button below if you would like to make an online donation – this will open up a new window.

Smartie Fund Raising

PHOTO - Smartie Tube

Do you like Smarties?  Help us raise funds by eating them and then filling the empty tube with 20p coins. A full Smartie tube can contain between £12 and £13 in 20p pieces – and if you donate the full tube along with Gift Aid declaration, it could be worth up to £16.25 to the Church.  Free tubes available from the Church – just ask a PCC member.

Annual Report & Financial Statements

Each year the PCC publish a Report and Financial Statements with a review of the Church’s activity through the year and details of the income and expenditure.  The  Report and Financial Statements for 2020 were approved by the PCC on 18 March 2021 and the independent examination was completed on 11 April 2021.  These can be viewed by following this link.

The Report and Financial Statements for previous years are also available to view – click on the year you are interested in to open the document in a new window.

Year to 31/12/2019

Year to 31/12/2018

Year to 31/12/2017

Year to 31/12/2016

Year to 31/12/2015