Services around the Benefice

The Churches of Flitton, Pulloxhill & Silsoe

We aim to offer a Communion service in one of our churches every Sunday and anyone is welcome to attend.  There is normally some form of service in all three parishes each week.

For details of the planned service please visit the Benefice Services page

The Church of England’s weekly online service is available on Sundays at 9:00am here

During the Covid pandemic we recorded services for our Virtual Vicar channel and all those services are still available here.

Weekly Prayer List & Notices

We publish a short video each week with our Benefice Prayer List and Notices along with details of the coming week’s services, with music from St Martin’s-in-the Field.  You can watch the video or read the details on our Virtual Vicar page. 

Our services for October are shown below.  If there is not a suitable service or time for you at your Parish Church, you are very welcome to attend a service at one of the other Churches in the Benefice.

4 OctoberSeventeenth Sunday after Trinity
9:30amHarvest ServiceSilsoe
11:00amHarvest ServiceFlitton
11:00amParish CommunionPulloxhill
11 OctoberEighteenth Sunday after Trinity
9:30amMorning PrayerSilsoe
9:30amParish CommunionFlitton
11:00amParish CommunionPulloxhill
18 OctoberNineteenth Sunday after Trinity
9:00amParish CommunionSilsoe
10:30amGet together & reflectionFlitton
11:00amMorning WorshipPulloxhill
25 OctoberTwentieth Sunday after Trinity
9:30amParish CommunionSilsoe
11:00amRemembered in LoveFlitton
11:00amRemembered in LovePulloxhill

Details of any last minute changes to the services at our other Churches can be found by clicking on the appropriate button below:

Our normal pattern of services

Parish Communion

A traditional communion service of about 45 minutes. On the 3rd Sunday of the month a junior church is held in the vestry during the first part of the service.

All Age Communion

A shorter communion  service specifically designed for both adults and children.

Family Service

A relaxed service often with a lively, specific theme when families can come together with other members of the congregation and introduce children to worship.

Mid-week Services

Held on the first  and third Wednesday of each month. The first Wednesday is Morning Prayer while the third Wednesday is Communion. Both services include a discussion on a bible reading before a either a short period of prayer or  said communion service.
Refreshments are served following every service and is an ideal time to chat and catch up with friends and visitors.

5th Sunday of the month

This is usually a United Benefice Service which rotates around the three churches in the Benefice of Silsoe, Flitton and Pulloxhill

Coming to Communion

Sometimes people are put off coming to a communion service because they are not confirmed; however all are welcome to come forward for a blessing, even if they are not confirmed – usually people let the minister know this by bringing their service sheet or book with them in their hands so that the priest knows they would like a blessing.

A blessing is when God is asked to come and be present on and in a person through the action of his Spirit. Children are also welcome to come and receive a blessing.

We welcome all those who are accepted in full membership
of their own churches to receive Holy Communion

Home Communion

If you are unable to get out and would like Home Communion, it may be possible for your local Churchwarden to arrange it.  Please contact the appropriate Churchwarden.

If you have someone you would like our Virtual Congregation to include in their private prayers during the coming week, please email by Friday of each week.  The names of people will be shown in the Virtual Vicar Prayer Box

The Prayer List

The Service Sheet each week includes a Prayer List containing the names of people in the community who are sick. If you have someone you would like included on the Prayer List, please let the Churchwardens know by Thursday each week.

Names will also be included in the Benefice Prayer Box which appears on Virtual Vicar services.

The Prayer Box

pic-prayer boxDuring the week, or before a service, prayers can be offered by writing them on a slip of paper and then putting the slip in the Prayer Box. On Sunday, during the first hymn, the Prayer Box is brought forward, received by the vicar and placed on the Altar as a sign that all the prayers in it are being offered to God.

The slips of paper are removed from the Prayer Box after the service and destroyed; no-one reads them and all prayers placed in the Prayer Box remain private and confidential.

The Prayer Box can be found at the back of the Church on the right-hand side (if you are standing facing the Altar).