Latest News from Silsoe

Below you will find details of some of the latest news about our Church community. Older articles can be found in our News Archive.
News and Events elsewhere in the Benefice can be found from their Home Pages.

New Electoral Roll 2019

Every 5 years the Church is required to prepare a new electoral roll. A new one is required this year and must be completed and displayed before the APCM, which is on 11 April. To ensure that this is achieved then anyone wishing to be present on the new electoral roll must have given  Paul Biscoe, Secretary of PCC, a completed form by 18 March 2019. Forms are now available by contacting

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Silsoe School’s magnificent generosity

 As Silsoe School has grown it has not been possible to accommodate the whole school at one harvest service, so there are now two. A tradition at these services is for the children to bring gifts of food which are presented and laid at the base of the Church’s alter. The school also supports the Bishop of St Albans harvest appeal, through the collection made at the services, which this year

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Successful Harvest Supper

On Friday evening 21 September 89 people sat down to enjoy an excellent ploughman’s and home made apple pies for this year’s Harvest Supper, the best attendance for many years. As with previous year’s the theme for the Supper was the celebration of local foods, with most of the ingredients for the Supper coming from suppliers within a few miles of Silsoe. Working under  Maggie Jeeves’ guidance a small team procured

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Vicar stars in Antiques Roadshow

When it was known that Antiques Roadshow was coming to Wrest Park Mike Olney and Dave Bell thought it the ideal opportunity to have the experts look at the silver flagon and the silver chalice and paten that has been in the Church’s possession for very many years. Mike Olney contacted the BBC to explain the history of the items as they had a strong association with Wrest Park where the

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