School’s amazing generosity

As Silsoe VC school has grown it has become necessary to have two services in the Church to celebrate harvest.  The children brought an astounding array of gifts to the services, so much so that the altar had to be cleared after the first service to make way for the gifts brought at the second services. Rev Ann Barker conducted both services, during which she explained to the children how the crops and goods produced by farmers are made into the foods that the children had brought to the service. She described how she had worked in a bakery and used the flour from the grain farmers produce to make bread and how, when milking cows, the milk was going to become yogurt and rice pudding. During the service children read a poem about harvest and energetically sang several harvest hymns. All of the harvest gifts so generously provided by the children will go this year to charities in the local area. These will be the Bedfordshire Food Bank, Tibbs Dementia Foundation, NOAH soup kitchen, Leonard Cheshire Home and Sue Ryder St Johns Hospice.
Children preparing for the harvest service
Children reading the harvest poem performed during the service
The astounding range of harvest gifts so generously presented by the school children