Latest information on coronavirus

Coronavirus Measures for Worship

As Coronavirus continues to spread in our communities, we want to put appropriate measures in place to safeguard public health as far as possible, especially for those among us who are most vulnerable to the effects of the virus. The Church of England has issued advice which we will be following at our Communion services. You can find more details here:

  1. The common cup has been withdrawn. In other words, members of the congregation will receive the Eucharist in ‘one kind’ – bread only. We are reminded that this is still a full receiving of Communion.
  2. We will not be shaking hands at the Peace, but will be using British Sign Language as we did last Sunday.
  3. The priest will not lay on hands during blessings.
  4. We will continue to practise good hygiene at the altar. The altar party will wash their hands thoroughly before handling the bread, and will use hand sanitizer during the service.

Caring for Each Other

Just as importantly, we need to ensure that we are caring for each other during this uncertain time. If you are avoiding public places and so not coming to Church, please do let us know so that we don’t worry about you but can give you a ring or come to see you (having taken appropriate precautions.) If you are unwell and self-isolating, again please do get in touch so that we can arrange support – shopping, meals, phone calls, to care for you as well as we can from a distance.