Keeping you informed

We believe that it is important that people who are involved in the life of our Church are kept informed about what is happening within our Church community.

Together with Silsoe Parish Council, we support Silsoe News by making funds available to them to ensure that each household in the village receives a copy.  Key contact phone numbers can be found on the back page of Silsoe News each month or by  using the following link Silsoe Organisation Phone Numbers

Each year Silsoe PCC publishes an Annual Report and Financial Statements which reviews the life of the Church in the period. However, printing copies uses a lot of paper, toner ink, etc. and being mindful of the environment, we publish a copy on our website, together with a pdf copy which can be downloaded.  Please follow this link to see our latest Annual Report for 2021.

Previous years’ reports:  2020  2019    2018     2017      2016

Periodically we may also publish newsletters with information about Church related activities.

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