Crib Services: a resounding success

Rev Dave Bell explains the service to a full Church

This year 2 Crib Services were held to accommodate the interest shown in this enlightening and instructive service. Both services were very well attended with a total congregation of just fewer than 500 for both services. Rev Dave Bell ably assisted by Kath Bell and Elaine Couzens recreated the story of Jesus’s birth, from the moment of Mary and Joseph’s arrival in Bethlehem with all accommodation fully booked to the arrival of the Three Kings with their presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Elaine Couzens helps to arrange the crib


Children were encouraged to take a full part in this service, from acting as inn keepers with no room for Mary and Joseph to placing the figures carefully within the crib.

The service was supported by a series of bible readings relating the events associated with Jesus’s birth, several done by children themselves, and 5 rousing carols also telling the story.

The crib complete with baby Jesus



The enthusiasm shown by children and parents alike for this educational and interactive service would suggest that it will remain a very popular feature of the Church’s programme of Christmas services.