Churchyard Clearing Party

PHOTO - Churchyard ClearanceOn Saturday 1 April, coinciding with Open Church,  a group of about 20 volunteers began work to tidy up the churchyard. A specific objective was the removal of ivy from the walls, as well as releasing some graves and gravestones from this overpowering and pernicious plant.

Using a wide range of tools including saws, spades, loppers, secateurs and shears tremendous progress was made and all the ivy was removed from the wall facing the High Street.

The energy levels were replenished when Linda from the Star & Garter appeared bearing a large tray of bacon butties, which with the teas and coffees provided by the Church kept everyone going until well past midday.

A big thank you to all who committed their time and energy to such a deserving cause and it is rumoured that another event is planned for next month; Saturday 6 May.