There was a full church for our annual Christingle service on Sunday 8th December. Prior to the service Rachel Barnes and Katie Shattock had been going to the school every week  during this half term to rehearse the two songs that the children sang at the service. There were 18 children from Silsoe Lower School who formed the Children’s Christingle Choir and the practising they had done with Rachel and Katie really paid off as they performed the two songs – Let Your Light Shine and The Christingle Song – with confidence and enthusiasm.

The service was led by Gillian Kern, who encouraged many of the children present to get involved with the service either by reading prayers or explaining to the congregation the meaning of the different parts of the Christingle.

All the members of the congregation were given a Christingle and they formed a large circle around the church as the candles on the Christingles were lit.

It was great joy to see so many families in the church actively involved and enjoying this lovely festive service.

A Christingle similar to the ones made with the chidren
Children from the Silsoe Lower School choir holding images that explain a Christingle (the photo has been cropped to avoid showing the faces of the chidren due to safeguarding issues)