Lent Course 2019: “Who is my neighbour?”

This course will  run throughout Lent within the Benefice . Each of the sessions takes a look at our world in a multi faith society focusing on Judaism, Islam and Christianity. We will look at their foundations faith, history; major events, key players and the basic ethos of Judaism, Islam and our Christian faith.  This will also include a … Read more Lent Course 2019: “Who is my neighbour?”

Brides & Blooms

This event is being held on 7, 8 & 9th June 2019 in St James Church Silsoe. As a celebration of flowers and marriage it will feature a range of items associated with weddings including wedding dresses and other memorabilia from people who were married in the Church as well as a range of services … Read more Brides & Blooms

Advent Course

The weeks building up to Christmas are one of the most difficult times for us to focus on God. We can feel the weight of buying gifts, preparing for guests, putting up the Christmas tree and fitting in parties alongside our regular lives. Sometimes it feels more like work than celebration. It takes great intentionality … Read more Advent Course

Going for Growth

On Wednesday 10 October Rev Dave Bell and Paul Biscoe attended a one day workshop on  “A Conversation with Rev. Bob Jackson on Church Growth”. Bob is a very well-known and charismatic presented and writer whose book “What makes churches grow” is an inspirational read for anyone seriously interested in a Church’s spiritual and numerical … Read more Going for Growth