Can you help at services by reading, making coffee, etc?

Help at Church

Here at Silsoe Church we have a Services Rota – a list of helpers to assist in the smooth running of our services – and we are looking for more people to join the Rota.  Would you be able to help with any of the following?


We like to have people to welcome and hand out books and papers at the start of the service.  This generally means arriving about 30 minutes before the service.  At the end of the service, the helper collects the books and re-stacks them on the end pew.  This activity is usually carried out by 2 people.

Epistle Reading:

As the heading suggests this is someone to read the First bible reading.


Not everybody’s cup of tea but we have, in the past, had a number of people prepare and lead the intercessions (Prayers) in the service.


After the service we serve coffee.  Before the service the helpers set up the table with mugs, coffee, tea and biscuits (these are in the cupboard).  After the service, serve the coffee and then clear up. This is usually carried out by 2 people.

If you are able to help,  please email Martyn Gates on

Thank you.